For the last 10 years I've been working professionally as a singer. From starting out in children's theatre touring Australia, to more recently working at Universal Studios in Singapore and sailing around the world performing on cruise ships.

After recently finally settling down in Perth, I now perform with various groups as well as a Green Day tribute band called "Know Your Enemy"!

And, I also sing at weddings, be it while the bride walks down the aisle, or with the band during the reception. It'd be my pleasure to do this for you if you'd like - and don't worry, there is absolutely nothing self indulgent about this. It's all about providing a bit of live music/entertainment that makes the moment more real than playing a recording, giving the importance to the lyrics and music of the songs that are special to you. But, if it's the original artist that makes the song special, then I'd be more than happy to simply press the play button and let them make the moment for you.

In case you're interested and would like to hear some of my work, check out the video on this page which is a reel of some of my recent performances.

How much?

  • $35 per song (with backing track or live musician/s)

  • + $5 per song if you require me to supply backing track if one is available

  • If 5 songs or less, I can guarantee no lyrics/prompts will be used when performing songs

If interested, please mention this when you send an enquiry about your ceremony.

As mentioned, I also sing with a couple of groups that are awesome for adding that extra special touch to your ceremony or reception. Check them out in the link below: